Monday, June 20, 2011


photo by Paolo MaƱalac

Peehgs. We knew each other because one introduced the other to the rest. It's amazing, really, because each one has a different bond with the other. We have these "small alliances" that overlaps another therefore creating a really interactive society. Differences you say? Yeah, we do -- but we set those aside. We have a sky load of things in common to talk about compared to a truckload of differences to fight over. We usually hang out on weekends - at the mall (where we walk around 'till we're hungry) at a cafe (where we chat and laugh about anything and stay 'tll it closes even if only one person ordered a tall drink! LOL!), the movie theatre (where we all sit in one row), in a club (where we dance and sing our hearts out), and at our favorite restaurants (where we pick on each other's plates to see how each dish tastes like and do little criticisms on it).

Peehgs are not all about fun though. Peehgs also know what hard work is. When we're not with each other's company, we work and study. Peehgs have lawyers, business men and women, writers, bloggers, call center agents, photographers, models (weh! ahahaha!), home-based jobs, med, nursing PT, law and Biology students. More importantly, Peehgs are heroes too. Peehgs are on a fight against rural illiteracy through iLearners Inc. - an organization of yuppies who reach out to schools in mountain barangays to share and give kids a brighter future.

Peehgs. I'm not counting the days, weeks or years we've known each other, but I'm hoping to know more about each other in the days, weeks and years to come. To me, you are presents that I just love to open again and again and still be excited and surprised about it. Thank you for being such great friends. ♥