Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scarpa noki!!!

After a long day of dealing with customers' complicated issues together with accents that I almost couldn't comprehend, my teammates and I usually go somewhere to eat. This is not only to ease the pain in our bellies but also to DE-STRESS. Lol! Work can be a lot of pressure, you know especially when you're new. The good thing about it is, we've got IMMUNITY, baby! But as much as possible I try to do the right thing right the first time. Going back, eating out with the team is much joy especially when we make fun of what happened in the office and la-dee-daa... I can't say more... ehehehe! You know how it is... We usually eat out at the end of the week or sometimes every other day but we may do it everyday. Too much? Ahahaha! This is why the call center industry and I are in a love-hate relationship. I love it 'coz it pays for all the "heavenly" stuff I eat but hate it 'coz it's making me faaaaaaaat! My professional world is bloody complicated!

Here's one of the food stops we've been to: VIBE's Gourmet is located behind Cebu Doctor's Hospital - if you go a little further it's just across the parking area.

This place was recommended by my ever wonderful "brad," Liv. Saintz and I had Herbs and Spicy Chicken at Php85 (chicken and rice). Oliver ordered the regular porkchop meal(medium sized porkchop and rice) at the same price. I'm a big fan of chicken recipes but this one didn't impress me. The chicken was alittle overcooked and I think it burned the herbs. I couldn't smell the herbs from it as well but it tasted like it was marinated in it. It was a wee bit spicy for me but to people who love spicy food, the chicken may not have been spicy at all.

VIBE's Gourmet's meals range from Php40-Php85; sandwiches at Php27-Php45; shakes at Php45 and other beverages' price range from Php12-Php55(from a 8oz to a 1.5L bottle of soda). We ate there at around 2am and it was still open. They close at 6am then open again by 11 in the morning.


  1. hmmm.. KAra's is still the best! hahahahah.. Anyways, i love Vibe's vinegar "PINAKURAT!" ^^

  2. IKR! Kara's has the best friend chicken! No offense to Jollibee but for me, it's better than the bee... wooots! ♥
    the pinakurat at Vibe's is a bit "lasaw" but keribells ra japon! ahahahaha!!!